Pray for the Supreme Court Justices

Regardless of how you view the Supreme Court, they don’t have an easy job. They deal with thousands of cases every year. And these are the toughest ones, of course. Someone has decided they just can’t accept the lower court’s ruling, so they go to the highest court of the […]



Surprised by Grace

Jesus told the parable of the prodigal son. Initially, the prodigal enjoyed his lavish lifestyle. But when the money ran out, along with his friends, life took a sudden downward spiral. Only his father’s grace saved him from a tragically wasted life. Tullian Tchividjian is the grandson of Billy Graham. […]

Praying About the Weather

This week has been brutal for the northeast U.S. as a blizzard took a heavy toll. Record snowfalls up to 3 feet have paralyzed Boston and points north. Floods and coastal winds have destroyed much property. Millions have been without power for days. And now another storm is on the […]



When You’re Threatened

A British Parliament inquiry panel has leaked personal information about victims of child sexual abuse. Now some of those victims have received death threats because of the leak. It isn’t enough that these abuse survivors have had to recount details of their past experience to the panel. Now they’re having […]

Pray for People in the Military

I don’t know anyone with a more difficult job than those in the military. They are specifically trained and deployed to fight our country’s battles. To say the least, it can be a dangerous life. Military personnel face great difficulties Called to leave family and friends, they must establish a […]