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“David Gosnell does a great job of laying out biblical principles for intimacy with God.” Dennis


“I have never felt as close to God as I feel now.” – Elizabeth


“Thanks for your wisdom and discernment.” – Steve


“David Rex Gosnell encourages thinking that challenges readers to move out of their deeply entrenched bias boxes of opinion into a new and exciting experience: a deeper relationship with God.” – Richard


“Thank you for the Perfect* Devotional Guide. It is a great way to start my day.” – Ken


“Gosnell writes in a way that is easy to understand, but is truthful and to the point.” – Phillip


“I look forward to starting my day with a cup of coffee and reading and learning. Great job!” – Gloria


“Thank you for your faithfulness in providing us with a meaningful daily devotional – I look forward to it every day.” – Pat