Why Connecting Is Crucial 2

According to ESPN (and just about everyone else who’s paying attention), Roger Goodell has too many well-placed connections to lose his job. Two NFL owners who have consistently supported him have been named (by Goodell, of course) to oversee the “independent investigation” into the Ray Rice fiasco. And that investigation will be led by a lawyer […]

Connecting with God

Just in case

Just In Case

Back in the 80’s, when I was working on software, we used a thing called “JIC” code. JIC stood for “just in case.” JIC codes were empty fields we put in files, just in case we needed them. Just in case we thought of something to add later, it could be changed with a lot […]

The Most Important 5 Minutes of Your Day 2

You may be part of a study group like a Sunday School class or a home Bible study. Perhaps you examine the Bible with a friend over coffee each week. You can find many ways to study the Bible with others. But that’s not really enough. First, it’s not a daily dose. And my previous […]

Daily Bible Study

Love Letter

God’s Love Letter 1

Today we have instant messaging, texting, and FaceTime. Communication is instantaneous. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’re connected. You actually have to make an effort to avoid electronic communication.     But back in the day there was a thing called the “love letter.” When a girl sent a boy a […]



Was Jesus into idealism?


He talked about God’s will being done on earth just as it is in heaven!

He said that if you have even a tiny grain of faith, you can move mountains!

He prayed that all Christians would be one. Totally unified!

He said we would have peace even when the world is falling apart!


If that’s not idealism, I don’t know what is.

Is there something wrong with idealism? Maybe that’s our problem. Maybe we should seek those same ideals.


Photo Credit:
Realists vs Idealists by Dave Winer, on Flickr


Idealism of Jesus